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The research process with 3Gem to get the most leverage from the research

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The process starts with an immersion stage to find out more about your business, what makes you tick and who you need to ‘sell’ to: Where you want to make an impact. 

We can conduct desk research and review secondary research if necessary. You’ll know the topics you want to ask about and the trends you want to comment on.  We’ll take your lead as what to review but we’ll conduct searches to find out what is already being talked about. We want your survey to be part of the conversation – but to give you an unique angle. So, we need to know what is being said. We’ll work with you at this point to pull out hypothesis from your stakeholder, including controversial ones that we can test in an unbiased robust survey.  

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We’ll run an Initial stakeholder workshop to clarify your objectives, identify themes for the survey and ensure internal buy in. This will establish who research outputs are aimed at and how you want them used, whether it's a report, a press release, social or an event. Thinking about how you are going to use the outputs helps us design a suitable survey and gather reliable and valid data right from the start. We’re professionals in managing your stakeholders, even when there are conflicting or controversial views; We’re used to running qualitative groups after all! We can help you prioritise the key themes or question topics. Sometimes having that conversation led by an independent agency can make it easier to manage dominant voices.  

As research specialists we can offer advice on who you should sample. Via the 3Gem Panel, we can reach businesses or consumers using your products or services, your clients’ products or services or even using your competitors’. Rather than just giving your view in thought leadership you will be able to speak knowledgably about what the market wants, does, thinks and believes. It isn’t just asking the obvious people the questions. We may suggest you expand or narrow who you want to talk to get a slightly different view of the subject. This is where you can be differentiated from the noise of the content marketplace. 

We’ve been designing online surveys for 20 years and are highly skilled at turning your hypothesis and queries into questions respondents engage with and answer thoughtfully. We can go beyond the simple yes/ no questions and use techniques and question styles to get to respondents less conscious attitudes and beliefs. We can develop suitable answer pre codes and are able to take a step back to make sure you don’t just capture the expected view but more unusual view points as well. We allow for free text responses as well as pre-codes. We’ll finesse the questions in the respondent’s language and put them in a logical order for the respondents to improve engagement with the survey. We work to the Market Research Society (MRS) standards and questionnaire guidelines. 

Before going into field, we thoroughly check the online script. You then get to see it and can share it with internal stakeholders to make sure everyone is on board. Usually, your survey will be in field for a week or two (depending on who we are trying to reach) and we’ll keep you updated with progress. 

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Then comes the real magic!   

After reviewing the data we’ll bring your client team together for an analysis workshop. We’ll highlight what we see as the key themes and findings and allow time for discussion of the insight surrounding your original hypothesis and questions. For each client this will vary on stakeholders involved, budget and timescale. By offering a boutique service we can blend your sector knowledge with our insight and data analytic capability to maximise the value for your budget. We’ll help you to see your sector and your topic from different angles and different perspectives.  

Outputs from the analysis stage will vary depending on your needs. It may stop at notes, include a PowerPoint of charts, reports to be used internally or a report that you can share externally. Often, we produce a report of the key findings which is passed to client’s copy writers to produce external reports and social. 

We’ll help you shape the data into thought provoking and attention-grabbing insight. This will give you Thought Leadership content based on robust quality research. We want you to have confidence to report facts and figures to back up your interpretation. This allows you to present a depth of knowledge that no one else has to establish your authority on the topic. We’ll help you find the story and help you tell it.