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PRCA Small Business Heroes

As covid-19 continues to present a number of challenges for small business across the globe, the PRCA PR and Communications Council is proud to launch its small business heroes campaign

SMEs make up 99% of the UK and US economies, employing millions - so their collective successes and failures have a direct impact on the economy. The effects of Covid-19 have varied dramatically across industries. Those in traditional retail, leisure, hospitality and aviation have fared badly, whilst others that are set-up for remote working or enabled by tech have shown resilience and have been able to demonstrate significant growth.

Small businesses are the engines of the economy - operating in a £3trillion industry - so it is essential that we support and champion them at all levels.

Small Business Coaching programme
We are launching a bespoke coaching programme to connect small business owners with experienced PR practitioners within the PRCA network. We will be offering surgery style sessions with small business owners to offer free guidance and help educate them about effective PR and communications. We are specifically looking to help those who have never ventured into PR before, or those who are looking for inspiration on how best to approach communications both internally and externally. 

How it will work 

  1. a) If you’d like to become a PR coach, please detail your relevant industry experience 
    b) If you’d like to be coached, please provide a short description of your business and the communications challenges that you are facing
  2. A member of the small business council will match small business owners with a suitable PR expert that has relevant experience 
  3. An introduction will then be made between both parties to arrange their coaching sessions

To register for the scheme, please download and complete the revelant form, and return to:

The small business coaching programme will kick off in April 2021 and will run until Oct 2021.

Commitment from the PRCA 

  • We will offer up to 3 hours’ of pro-bono support to each small business owner 
  • We are sector agnostic and will match business owners with relevant PR experts 
  • Our PR coaches will have more than 5 years PR and comms experience

Case studies 
For more information about the positive impact that PR can have on small businesses, please take a look at some of our case studies:




Founding members 

  • Liam Buckley 
  • Sudha Singh 
  • Nathaniel Cassidy 
  • Jared Meade 
  • Ayeni Adekunle 

Further information
For more information, please contact Koray Camgoz or call +44 (0)7503 632 687.