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The Ukraine Communication Support Network: Resource of the Day


The Ukraine Communication Support Network (UCSN) is building a database of helpful resources, project ideas, and collaboration opportunities for communicators around the world who want to help the people of Ukraine. Each day we'll highlight a Resource Of The Day for inspiration, sharing and amplifying.

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Monday, 25th April

Since Russia launched its invasion in Ukraine, Denis Bohush, Director and Expert Analyst in Russian-Ukrainian Political and Military matters at the leading Ukrainian “think-tank” – the Centre for Russian Studies – has been distributing a daily newsletter summarising the military situation in Ukraine. The letters provide a unique, on-the-ground insight into the achievements of the Ukrainian Government, military defence and population response to Russian occupation.

How to use it

The Letters from Ukraine are intended to inform and educate international, English-speaking media and politicians. Please contact Professor Tony Meehan, via email, to receive the daily letters prepared by Denis Bohush.

Friday, 23rd April

The letter Z has become a symbol of support for Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine. In the pursuit to fight misinformation, Creative agency Nebo Ideas Agency is calling on the world to remove the letter Z in their branding materials as a demonstration of support for the Ukrainian people and a rejection of fascism. The campaign has already been supported by brands such as Mozgi Group and Zurich Insurance.

How to use it

It’s simple. Replace the letter ‘Z’ with the number 3, which is visually similar to the cursive Z, or to an alternative designed by Nebo Ideas Agency, which can be downloaded here. Help stop the aggression of the war and help stop the new fascist movement.

Wednesday, 20th April

NewsWhip launched a Data for Democracy programme in 2020 to support organisations and people engage in key, high-impact projects that combat misinformation. The day after Russia’s invasion began, NewsWhip opened up free access to its technology for all fact checkers targeting Russian disinformation, journalists working the disinformation beat, and researchers trying to understand it.

NewsWhip’s data and tools are together one of the best sources in the world for understanding what stories are spreading, how they’re being spread, and how audiences are reacting to them. 

How To Use It

If you know of any journalists, researchers or NGOs working on disinformation about Ukraine, working the ‘debunking beat’, or fact checking, please share the offer of free access with them. They can apply for access emailing

Monday, 18th April

Tblondi is an all-in-one technology stack for influencer marketing, campaign management and user engagement, committed in times of difficulty, fear and uncertainty, to unite and do everything possible to protect those in need. The company supports Ukrainian content creators by providing a platform through which they can monetise their content on social media and receive full remuneration without any fees for the campaign management.

How To Use It

Join Tblondi Influencer Marketplace via a simplified verification process - just fill out and submit this form and their Creators Support team will contact you. Tblondi also wants to cooperate with brands, volunteer organisations, charitable foundations, private businesses and connect them with creators from the affected regions. Tblondi will not charge any service fees for such co-operations. If you are a brand or organization, please

Friday, 15th April

Publicis Ukraine has produced a powerful reminder of just how different daily life is now for our colleagues in the creative community there through a series of posters, Current Work Place, shown here on the Little Black Book site.

How To Use It

Share the images and create your own to show support and solidarity for our counterparts in Ukraine. Bonus: call out specific agencies and friends there #StayStrong and #UkraineCommsSupport

Wednesday, 13th April

The Ukraine Justice Alliance is a coalition of lawyers, law firms and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) formed to support Ukrainians in response to the catastrophic invasion of their country.  The UJA is on track to be the largest ever mobilisation of the international private sector in solidarity against an act of war. 

Its purpose is to support Ukrainians, NGOs, civil society organisations and the legitimate government of Ukraine by providing a platform through which to deliver the best legal expertise now and as needs change and develop. 

How To Use It

UJA makes legal resources and content available across a wide range of urgent issues facing Ukrainians, including accountability, refugee and immigration advice, advising prisoners of war/political prisoners, countering Russian propaganda, legal advice to NGOs, and transitional justice. 

Monday, 11th April

Lynn PR, based in the UK, has produced Fighting Putin's Propaganda: Narrative Response Toolkit, a free-to-use guidebook designed to arm the communications community and civil society with the information they need to fight back against the ongoing Russian propaganda attacks. Using what's called a Counter Narrative Campaign (CoNaC), this response strategy looks at disinformation not through the lens of facts vs lies, but as competing narratives. 

How To Use It

The toolkit provides journalists, policy advisors, and communicators in the PR and communications industry, public sector, civil society and beyond with a one-stop-shop for narrative guidance and content recommendations. Please download and share. 

Friday, 8th April

The International Association of Risk and Crisis Communications is curating a searchable library of humanitarian efforts related to Ukraine to help promote awareness, donations, volunteering and collaboration opportunities. 

How To Use It

Content is updated frequently, so bookmark it for future use, and please amplify content from projects of interest. Some resources point to donation sites, others to tools to enable secure communication and again others to direct refugee help. Resources are for those wanting to help or for use directly by Ukrainians. 

Wednesday, 6th April

We Are Ukraine was launched by communicators and crisis managers in Ukraine to give people around the world facts, numbers and thoughts on what's happening in Ukraine and what can be done. 

How To Use It

Please bookmark and share the site, subscribe to the newsletter and review the How To Help section carefully. #WeAreUkaine 


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