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Apprentice Fact File - Lotta Baud


Name: Lotta Baud.

Age: 20 years old.

Organisation & Description (sector, agency/inhouse, etc): TALA, PR Agency.

What were you doing before your apprenticeship?

A-Levels in English Language, Law and Sociology at Sixth Form.

What attracted you to the PR Apprenticeship?

My interest in PR and the skills it requires.

What was the highlight of your PR Apprenticeship?

Gaining coverage and reach on a national level from my End-Point-Assessment campaign, the ‘On the Record’ memorial.

What do you feel your apprenticeship helped you achieve?

The knowledge and skills needed to navigate my way through my PR career.

What was the biggest challenge that you overcame?

Completing bigger units, such as planning and organising events and meetings.

Top 3 skills a PR Apprentice needs:

·       Writing

·       Research

·       Organisation/time-management

I love PR because…

It allows me to connect and manage relationships with interesting individuals from a number of sectors, ranging from healthcare, to automotive, to packaging.

What are your next steps?

I will continue my PR journey at TALA, and further develop my skills.


Describe a campaign you were involved in and the activities you performed to bring it about. What made it exciting?

My final campaign for my apprenticeship. This campaign was to launch a new memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, dedicated to journalists that have been killed on the frontline. I was heavily involved in this project, and helped to find stakeholder contacts, steering group members, and also planned all of the internal meetings.