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Why outsource PR? What are the benefits?

In business, choosing between internal investment and paying an external service provider can be a challenge. However, opting to outsource PR and marketing as part of a long term strategy can effectively place an entire team of individuals (and their various skill sets) at your fingertips.

AMA originates from a family of entrepreneurs, and working alongside two other family-run SME companies has given us an insight into how our agency can become an integral yet external part of two businesses from completely different sectors.

Our expertise in a wide variety of marketing ranging from copywriting and social media to traditional PR and campaign planning has made us a valuable asset in the continued growth of both businesses. We’ve been able to lend support during times of heavy workload and offer our guidance and expertise in the planning and execution of long-term campaigns.

I am a strong believer in strategic PR outsourcing that is put in place to follow a year long campaign-based structure, thus ensuring our client’s message is communicated both consistently and continuously via digital and traditional PR. Costing can typically be adjusted per quarter to reflect workload and this model has led to the agency retaining 80% of clients.

Here are five tips for getting the most from working with an external agency:

Flexibility. Work to an agency calendar with flexible quarterly costings. Base the fee on that quarter’s campaigns and the associated projects and targets.

External ideas. An external agency’s passion, creativity and knowledge of current trends can help to stimulate internal teams and help instil a sense of excitement about a brand or company.

Integration. Internal marketing and PR departments may only consist of one to five members. External agencies can help plug the gaps and complete heavy workloads.

A team of professionals. A variety of strengths and skill sets for the same price as one full-time employee, with the opportunity to offload time-consuming tasks such as social media and newsletter creation.

Contacts. PR professionals are constantly creating new contacts, be it with the latest online influencers or with a broader group of decision makers at a more senior level.