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Ethics in PR

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The course covers an understanding of where PR meets legal obligations, where industry standards must be respected and met consistently, why a strong ethical approach is essential to uphold the PR profession and ultimately what the PRCA expects from its members with reference to its Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct.

Course Objectives: 

What the PRCA Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct mean.
What the typical ethical challenges are that PR practitioners face.
What you should and should not do for clients.
How complaints against PRCA members are handled.

Learning Objectives: 

The principles of best practice that cover all PRCA members.
The process that the PRCA follows when it receives a complaint against a member.
The sanctions that can be imposed following a complaint.
The rules for how members use Parliamentarians and other holders of public office.
The requirements on all PRCA members to disclose and keep updated their client lists.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.