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PR Apprenticeship

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7-8 Stratford Place

Course Title Course Type Level Points Awarded
214 Writing skills for PR professionals Online Introductory 10
215 Understanding finance Online Advanced 10
233 Supercharge PR Campaigns for LinkedIn Online Intermediate 10
232 Social media metrics Online Intermediate 10
192 Selling into the media Classroom based Introductory 40
231 Measuring and Evaluating PR Online Intermediate 10
213 Managing your client relationships Online Intermediate 10
230 Making the most of Pinterest and Social Bookmarking for PR Online Intermediate 10
219 Introduction to public affairs Online Introductory 10
176 Introduction to PR Classroom based Introductory 40
207 How to manage your time and workload more effectively Online Personal Skills 10
228 How to create an effective blog Online Introductory 10
210 How does SEO Work? A guide for PR practitioners Online Intermediate 10
227 Harnessing the Power of Twitter for PR Online Introductory 10
204 Good media relations Online Intermediate 10
212 Getting to grips with grammar Online Introductory 10
211 Ethics in PR Online Intermediate 10
226 Digital landscape for PR Online Introductory 10
222 Developing an internal communications strategy Online Introductory 10
225 Crisis PR in a Digital World Online Intermediate 10
224 Creating a virtual press office Online Intermediate 10
206 Climbing the PR career ladder Online Personal Skills 10