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How to create an effective blog

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With two launched every second, blogs have become one of the most hyped internet tactics to promote organisations and help them communicate with their key audiences. Every client wants to create one but most are left feeling disappointed by a lack of success, no readership, little interaction or worse – just negative engagement. But blogging can be immensely powerful for an organisation if constructed right and deployed correctly. This webinar will bring you all the key steps you need to create a truly successful blog that gains big readership numbers and active engagement with its audience. This no-nonsense session will show you how to run a blog for focus groups, internal communications, product development, customer complaints and stakeholders. In a 90 minute briefing session you will learn best practice for creating a powerful and effective blog for your client and see how to create a blog that adds to your client's overall strategy and gets true interaction with the target audience.

Course Objectives: 

Gain a clear understanding of what a blog is and how to deploy it.
Be able to advise a client on when to say yes (or no) to a blog.
Be able to integrate the blog into a full on and off line strategy.
Have the confidence to blog successfully.

Learning Objectives: 

How to develop a blog strategy that recruits and builds readership.
How to create the blog itself - which platform to use and how to use it.
The etiquette behind powerful blogs.
Ten top tips to building your readership.
How to distribute your blog through directories and social bookmarking sites.
The budgetary and legal side of blogging.
Evaluation and the keys to success.
At the end of the session delegates will have the confidence and knowledge to guide clients through the minefield that is corporate blogging and help them devise great blogs that get traction with the target audience.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.