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Social media metrics

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Social media. Everyone is doing some form of campaign, everyone has some form of presence, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the myriad of other platforms available. But how do you truly measure your activity? How do you ensure that you are not just "spinning wheels"? What are the Key Performance Indicators to ensure your client or your organisation is getting it's correct return on investment? This webinar shows you exactly what is available and what social media metrics you should deploy.

Course Objectives: 

Through examining the current best practice techniques in evaluating social media campaigns and reviewing the social media management and evaluation tools available this course will give strong insight and guidance on best practice, consolidated by vivid and insightful case studies.

Learning Objectives: 

How to establish realistic aims and objectives for PR in the digital field
The best KPI's for social media campaigns
What tools are available to measure and ensure ROI in the digital field
Measuring amplification
Measuring and evaluating influence
Establishing realistic parameters for advocacy
Designing the pull in and push on approach
Measuring Output against out take and outcome in the digital field
How different platforms should be measured
The pitfalls to avoid


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.