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A word from our Chair in the South West: Intro and Welcome

Spring is here. By the time you read this, we will hopefully have passed through the ‘four seasons in one day’ phase and truly be on our way to summer. Lighter evenings, green parks in bloom, the birdsong of a morning…all of which put a smile on your face.  

And we’re right to savour such joys. To make the most of the small things that brighten our day. The last couple of years have impacted us all, some more so than others, so it’s important that we soak up the things that make us happy and in turn nurture our mental health. Here’s my top four ways that PR professionals can help each other make their days brighter: 

Celebrate – we work in a fast-paced industry, and it can be all too easy to quickly bypass successes as we move onto the next important thing on our to-do list. Stop and mark the successes you and others around you achieve. Reach out, whether it’s a colleague, client or supplier, and recognise their hard work and the impact they’ve made. 

Airtime – I believe everyone is a creative. Winning ideas, new solutions, alternative ways to look at a challenge can come from anyone and anywhere, but you need to create space for those people to be heard.  Ask for contributions, listen and recognise the value of diverse voices. Applaud the individuality and thinking of others.  

Learning – the pandemic has seen open learning explode which means there are unlimited options for continual self-education and personal growth. I believe the joy of learning is underrated and that affording time to develop a new skill, capability or just absorbing new thinking ultimately will make lives richer. Say yes to learning and don’t forget that includes you. 

Humanity – people are more than just their job. They have families, friends, passions, opinions and interests. It is this diversity and individuality which makes up your brilliant teams, agencies, businesses. Just imagine what could be possible if people brought their whole self to work, injecting the same passion and purpose in work as they do outside of it. Give people the platforms and environments to be themselves.   

You may look at these tips and quickly click on to the next job at hand but if reading them means you stop and bring joy to one additional person my efforts in writing this will have been worth it.