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A word from the PRCA South West Chair Kelly Pepworth


Kelly Pepworth


They say the best way to predict the future is to create it. What a great way to focus the mind on your ability to the shape opportunities in front of you. 

I believe our industry embraces this idiom; welcoming advances in technology, new ways of working, transforming media and emergence of new channels to build a future where our relevancy and value is undisputed. In my experience PRs are resilient, agile and above all future focused.  

But we need to bring others on this journey, especially future talent. It’s so disappointing when I get an opportunity to talk to groups at schools, colleges or universities who have little idea about what it’s like to actually work in PR and the great career opportunities it can provide. And it’s not their fault but ours.  

As a collective, we need to respond to every invitation, open our doors to inquisitive minds and shout louder about our great work outside of the bubble of our industry. We need to celebrate the difference we make so others can easily understand what it means to be in PR. 

Understandably, during and immediately after the pandemic many agencies and in-house teams limited or stopped their intake of apprentices, interns and work experience placements. Now is our chance to make up for lost time. Contact your local schools, publicise your placements, reach out to your network – let’s aim to get a whole new, diverse and talented generation passionate about PR.   

And the PRCA is doing its part kicking off on Friday 21st April with the 2023 PRCA Career Development Conference. Offering PR students, future graduates, aspiring apprentices or anyone interested in joining the industry an opportunity to hear from leaders, top recruiters, and some of the most innovative agencies and in-house teams, the half-day online event combines invaluable sessions for anyone starting out on their PR career journeyPlease share the link with anyone you think might be interested in joining our thriving industry.  

Our future leaders, creatives, strategists and PR experts are out there – let’sgo find them!