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It’s good to talk

Employee Engagement pros got a fresh chance to connect with like-minded people thanks to the PRCA. A new, on-line #chatandconnect group saw communicators sharing experiences from the coal face of internal comms, making new contacts and saying hi to colleagues and friend.

The fresh format filled a gap during lockdown and provided an opportunity for people to connect across the country and from around the world.

Hosts Annabel Dunstan and Liam FitzPatrick were joined by Pearson’s Director, Strategic Communications and Operations Kim England- Godber, Katie Macauley, Managing Director, AB Comms and host of The Internal Comms Podcast and Gavin Ellwood, Founder and Director, Ellwood Atfield. A free-ranging conversation managed to touch on subjects as diverse as working with refugees, what makes a good podcast guest and the current state of the jobs market.

Along the way, the 30 or so on-line attendees shared their experiences and tales in what felt more like the Graham Norton show than a panel discussion.

Feedback via the post event Pulse Check praised:

“I enjoyed the debate and the comments. It was lively and interesting. Hearing from other industries was really useful”.

“Great to hear other industry pros”.

“High quality speakers, I was nervous since I’m not doing internal comms every day that I would be a bit of a misfit, however the topics were completely relevant and I left with a bunch of links and podcasts to listen to”.

“Good agenda and excellent speakers who obviously know their topic inside out”.

“Really enjoyed the variety of speakers, each with engaging content and something to say. One of the better virtual events I've been to”.

Annabel Dunstan, commented: “we wanted to create an on-line experience that shook things up a little and allowed people to open up, to say how it really is, and to properly connect on an emotional level. Something good communicators love to do, but CV-19 lockdown has perhaps stymied to a certain extent.  We are already planning and looking forward to the next event on 13th July”.

Watch the full event here.