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How to apply?

For more information contact:

Stephanie Umebuani

020 7233 6026 

All of our vacancies are live on the National Apprenticeship site. You must apply on here, any applications sent direct to the employer will not be looked at. When completing your application make sure you spend some time completing your application, checking your spelling and grammar. First impressions count. Ensure that you complete all of your application form and answer the additional questions. Also think about including links to blogs and any voluntary work you have previously done. This could be anything from doing some charity work or organising an event such as a school prom.

 Application Tips

  • Be sure to read the questions carefully and answer them. If a question includes two or three sub-questions answer all of them.
  • Do your research!
  • Map across specific skills and knowledge you have that relate to PR and/or the company.
  • Write your first draft independent of the application form and check it for spelling and grammar. Is it easy to read and follow? Effective communication is very important in PR.
  • Use spell checks, but be wary of them. If you write ‘from' instead of ‘form', for example, it will not be picked up. For UK applications, avoid those that introduce American spellings like ‘organize' and ‘center'; these should be 'organise' and 'centre'.
  • Cut and paste your answers onto the form.
  • Be careful if you are taking material from another application not to include the name of the other organisation. This is the quickest way to the reject pile.
  • Don't waffle. Keep your answers succinct. Edit them for unnecessary words.
  • Include key verbs relating to the job like organised, supervised, and liaised. Some employers scan for key words and reject forms not including them.
  • Your final check should always be to read it through in every detail.
  • Consider your journey to the place of work.

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