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Business Development Planning and Strategy


25 Apr 2024




Virtual Classroom



PR and the agency world in general is a very competitive industry and winning new business can be tough. Do you have new business plans in place to achieve growth targets? Do your staff have awareness about the importance of business development and have the skills required to help identify and find new business for the company?

This interactive workshop will enable you to create a more strategic approach to finding and winning new business, whether through finding new clients or generating additional revenue from existing clients.

The aim of this workshop it to teach attendees how to create a more strategic approach to new business development, and to equip your staff with the skills and mindset to ensure all employees are able to help develop new business for the firm.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 10

Places remaining: 7

Trainer: Joanna Sadie MPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

What to expect

  • Exercises to create a Business Development Plan for your organization
  • A good balance of practical exercises, group discussion and workbook

The Workshop will cover:

  • Sales Strategy – focusing on:
  • How you are generating new business
  • Your sales channels
  • Growth and business targets
  • Alignment of marketing and sales
  • The sales process that is in place to convert leads into clients.
  • Identifying new avenues to finding new business and prospects
  • Creating a more sales focused mindset
  • Pareto’s 80 / 20 law and identifying new business opportunities from existing clients

How attendees will benefit:

  • Attendees will be able to understand the significance of weaving business development into all areas of the company. 
  • Have an initial Business Development strategy and plan

Who should attend?
This workshop is open to management, senior account directors responsible for development of the business.