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Matt Richards MPRCA

About Matt

Matt started his career in the WPP Group in 1994 and went on to build and lead an independent media and communications agency for a decade with billings of over £15 million and counting a dozen of the UK’s top 50 brands as clients. Now with over 20,000 hours of coaching, behavioural change and c-suite leadership experience, Matt is perfectly positioned to help leaders and managers grow and unlock all of their – and their organisation’s – potential.

Beyond the practical experience of leadership, Matt is fascinated by the science of how people excel, and has a series of distinctions in post-graduate work in behavioural change, and is currently researching the role of emotional intelligence, connection and embodiment in successful individual and organisational change programs at Henley Business School.

Clients include a number of the world’s most known global brands, top-rated companies in Financial Times industry reports, organisations excelling in the Investors in People Awards as well as Olympic Gold medallists.

Training Theory

Based on insights from the UK’s top business schools, the World Economic Forum, and personal experience, it is clear that though there is no rigid formula for success, there are approaches which maximise your chances. Matt’s workshops explore these approaches: developing self-awareness, uncovering blind-spots, and building ways of engaging and empowering your team, whilst thinking further and deeper than you ever have before.

The learning is highly experiential, you’ll be engaged by challenge and inspired by stories, in a process which ultimately is fun – so your brain will release dopamine, embedding new neural pathways, and new thinking. At the end of each workshop you’ll take away a series of tools which are deep and flexible enough to make a profound difference every day in your toughest corporate challenges.


An all-rounder with a particular interest in how managers and leaders can help create behaviours, culture and beliefs that enable teams and individuals to perform at their best.