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Tamara Littleton


About Tamara

Tamara Littleton is founder and CEO of The Social Element, a consultancy-led social media agency advising some of the world’s biggest brands on how to use social to solve business challenges.

She founded the company in 2002 before the explosion of social media with the ambition of challenging the conventional agency model; pioneering and building her global business (now 300+ strong) predominantly through a remote working model, that to this day is truly innovative in the agency market.

In 2013, Tamara also co-founded Polpeo, a crisis simulation platform for brands and their agencies so they could prepare for how a crisis would affect them online.

She is passionate about making the internet a safer place and was an original member of the UK Government Taskforce advising the British Government on safeguarding children online. A tech pioneer, Tamara is a champion of the diversity, LGBTQI and female entrepreneurial agenda.