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Sam Knowles MPRCA

The Insight Agents Limited - Lewes

About Sam

Sam Knowles is the Founder & MD of corporate and brand storytelling consultancy Insight Agents. His purpose is to help companies talk and sound human. Over a career spanning almost 30 years, he has helped national and global organisations – commercial, not-for-profit, and third sector – communicate with impact.

In April 2018, Routledge is publishing Sam’s first book for business. Narrative by Numbers: How to Tell Powerful & Purposeful Stories with Data sets out Sam’s data-driven approach to storytelling, an approach that puts numbers and statistics at the heart of communication.

Originally a classicist, Sam also holds a doctorate in psychology. This is the source of his understanding of human motivation and behaviour and his passion for telling stories with data. Sam is a sought-after speaker and trainer in the areas of storytelling, insight, and how best to use numbers and evidence to tell better stories.