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Ann Wright MPRCA


About Ann

Ann has more than 25 years’ experience working with the media – from both
sides of the fence. She co-founded Rough House Media which equips clients
with confidence in how they manage the media, providing training courses,
strategic advice and video production.

Ann draws on her experience as a print journalist and TV producer working
on high profile and prestigious BBC programmes to create effective strategies and courses which raise her clients’ profile and influence.

Ann spent a decade as a newspaper reporter before moving into television,
where as a producer she has worked on news, current affairs and consumer
investigations, documentaries and live events, for the BBC and Channel 4.

Her TV credits include two royal weddings, the Reburial of Richard III, Nelson
Mandela’s Funeral, Remembrance Sunday, and the BBCs Consumer Unit,
which makes such programmes as Watchdog.

Have a look at Ann's latest blog on writing press releases here.

Training Theory

“The best way for people to learn is to do. I want every person on every course I design and deliver to speak up, to take part and to enjoy themselves.”


She works with multinationals, entrepreneurs and the third sector and can
help with:

  • Strategy -
    Public relations and crisis communications. She established the PR function and created a media strategy for SCI (the Society of Chemical Industry) to help raise it’s profile, and has written crisis communications strategies for clients such as the retailer Brewers to enable them to protect their reputation if they face a crisis situation.
  • Video production -
    Ann produced a series of safety videos for the chemical multinational Solvay, a series of educational videos for the Kennel Club as well as promotional and testimonial videos for many other clients.
  • Training -
    Media interviews, crisis communications, PR and press release writing. She has designed and delivered bespoke courses for clients such as Ofgem, the British Geological Survey, the International Red Cross and multinationals Kemira, Illumina and Nestle. Her media and crisis communications training ensures clients have confident spokespeople able to cope with both positive and hostile interviews. Her public relations courses are aimed at SMEs without a PR team which want to raise their profile.