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Byfield Consultancy

9 Staple Inn - London

Byfield Consultancy

About Us

Welcome to Byfield Consultancy, a legal communications consultancy that provides reputation management for law firms and their clients.

Our three core service offerings are:

Legal PR

Byfield is a specialist communications agency that drives the Legal PR industry and knows the business of law better than any other. Done well, Legal PR is about much more than column inches – it gives you an edge by communicating what makes your offer unique to the market.

Led by Juliet Carey, our Legal PR service knows how to reach the right audience for law firms across all channels, including digital marketing and social media. Byfield provides communications that deliver concrete outcomes: in the media, Byfield turns lawyers into thought leaders; in the marketplace, we translate business plans into compelling campaigns and content.

Litigation PR

Led by Gus Sellitto, Byfield’s Litigation PR team have the industry expertise and contacts to translate any legal position into a communications strategy. We use our ability to properly consider the legal status of information to deliver your story in line with litigation proceedings. We deal with high-profile disputes in the UK and internationally on behalf of individuals and organisations, dovetailing communications and legal strategies to comprehensively cover all stakeholder concerns.

Crisis PR

Led by Gus Sellitto, our Crisis and Issues PR practice will help you navigate crises while keeping a close eye on your stakeholders’ interests. We protect law firms and their client when their reputations are under threat by dealing with risk across all their business functions. We help our clients steady the ship when partners are struck off or when mergers fail; we offer a calm voice amidst discrimination and sexual harassment claims, as well as during SRA and other regulatory investigations; and during data breaches, cyber threats, or terrorist incidents, we know what needs to be communicated. We guide our clients through every crisis imaginable.

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9 Staple Inn

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  • 9 Staple Inn
  • London
  • WC1V 7QH

Primary Contacts

Gus Sellitto CMPRCA