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International sports equipment retailer Decathlon recognised there was a huge untapped opportunity to drive sales via social media during its annual Price Drop promotion. They commissioned Pelican to encourage their social media audience to ‘click-through’ to the website and purchase.


Leisure: Sport

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Agency: Pelican Communications

The Challenge

Whilst the Price Drop promotion was a great mechanic for encouraging people to try a new sport, success on social media depends on creating quality engaging content that can easily be shared by followers.

So we developed the ‘Drop into a New Sport’ mechanic as a creative platform to drive engagement and purchase.

The Solution

During the eight week campaign we produced four pieces of content which were disseminated as posts and tweets on Decathlon’s UK Facebook, Twitter and Vine presences. These included an infographic highlighting research on new sports people would like to try.

We created a series of 10 photos depicting sports equipment and sportsmen and women in out-of-context settings. As well as a series of stop-motion videos to demonstrate the wide variety of products available in the Price Drop and in store.

Finally we created a Facebook game which encouraged sharing by offering a leader board and prize mechanic to encourage competition.

The Results

The campaign saw huge results for the sports retailer:

  • Total sales revenue from Decathlon website were over £1.9 million, an increase of 104% from the year before.
  • Attracted over 13,500 new customers.
  • Grew revenue from social media by 486% in just six weeks.
  • Winner of PRCA DARE Award for Digital & Social Strategy


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