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Our not-so-secret pleasure, the crisp sandwich... When you are a premium potato chip brand like Burts Chips why not celebrate this snack delight as a culinary adventure to get people thinking, and eating!

Burts Chips

Fmcg: food

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Agency: Storm Communications Ltd

The Challenge

Burts Chips is an artisan crisp brand, with a range of hand-cooked crisps that use local seasonings, flavours and British-grown potatoes. As Burts is predominantly distributed in the South West of England, the brief was to increase brand awareness in the region in a way that engaged and resonated with consumers, and ensured Burts were at the forefront of consumer’s minds at point of purchase. 

The Solution

Storm rejuvenated the trend for crisp sandwiches, partnering with TV chef Dean Edwards to develop ‘Ultimate Crisp Sandwich’ recipes using the Burts core range. The sandwiches were photographed and videoed in a contemporary style to ensure the campaign worked across social media. On the launch day, Storm held a regional media tour, hand-delivering the crisp sandwiches with Dean Edwards and providing a memorable, engaging experience. The multi-faceted, integrated campaign meant that product placement opportunities, video content slots, recipe slots (across consumer and bloggers) were targeted, as well as the core grocery, foodservice and vending press, generating awareness of the brand’s creative flair within key B2B channels. 

The Results

A total of 71 pieces of coverage were generated across consumer and trade press. Consumer highlights were secured with Daily Mail, Daily Star, Observer Food Monthly, as well as key regional titles Bristol Post, Exeter Express and Echo, Plymouth Herald and Devon Life. A total of 19 pieces of coverage ran in trade media, including four pieces in The Grocer. On social media, the campaign generated 10,877 competition entries and an overall exposure of two million. The campaign ROI was 4:1 and all-importantly Storm’s work helped Burts Chips secure a listing in Co-Op South West in over 120 stores.