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PRCA Africa NextGen Network

Welcome to our resource portal dedicated to supporting individuals at all stages of their PR journey, from newcomers to seasoned practitioners. The network is dedicated equipping practitioners with all the tools needed to achieve significant career progression. It offers a forum for discussion, sharing peer-to-peer advice and experiences, and provides inspirational figures to learn from to encourage growth and creativity. Focused on igniting ambition and uniting young practitioners across the continent. Our Chair sits on the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Next Gen Group, the remit of the group is to lead on projects relating to talent retention and recruitment, while address young professionals challenges on a global scare.

  • Community Support: Engage in discussions, share peer-to-peer advice, and exchange experiences with fellow practitioners.

  • Inspiration and Learning: Gain insights from inspirational figures, learn from their experiences, and cultivate growth and creativity in your career.

  • Igniting Ambition: Our focus is on uniting young practitioners across the continent, highlighting best practices, and showcasing the importance of PR in both business and society.



  • Guidance for Students: Gain experience early, value diverse skills, and leverage LinkedIn. Watch here (available in French only).

  • First-Year Insights: Gain valuable insights into what to expect in your inaugural year in PR through our informative webinar. Watch here.

  • Toolkit for Success: Essential resources and tools tailored for young PR professionals to thrive in their careers. Read here.

  • Meet the Media: An open discussion on how to build relationships with the media and what make them take note of your email/story. Watch here.

  • Transitioning from Specialist to Generalist: With a growing debate on whether PR consultants should specialise in a specific area or become generalists as they progress higher on the management ladder. In this article, argues that becoming a generalist is crucial for PR consultants aspiring to reach the top levels of management and perform effectively. Read here.

  • Career Progression: Have fun, fail forward, and forge ahead. Read here.

  • Cutting through the Noise: Addressing ethical considerations in PR and assessing their relevance to NextGen professionals. Watch here.


  • The Cusp Generation should Matter in PR: This blog explores the significance of generational labels in PR, focusing on the emerging icro-generation known as Zillennials and they should not be forgotton in your communications. Read here.
  • A open discussion on the implications of mental health for young PR professionals.: Addressing the importance of mental health support for NextGen professionals in the PR industry, with helpful tips and tricks from peers. Watch here.

  • Face it until you make it: A personal jouney of imposter syndrom. Read here.

  • Combating Mis/Disinformation in the Era of AI: Exploring the influential domain of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on communication, content creation, and consumption. Watch here.

  • Measurement and what it means: In this insightful discussion, they delved into the crucial role that measurement tools play in identifying and assessing risks, as well as effectively managing crises. Watch here.

  • Unpacking privacy in PR: This session focused on the role and impact of privacy and data protection within the public relations and communications sector. What this means for the industry going forward and shines a spotlight on PR agencies and the advice they give their clients. Watch here

  • A deep dive into the legendary #KFCproposal: Mpumelelo Zondi, Head of Brand and Global Client Lead with Edelman Africa joins our host Dan Gold on the #PRCAfuse podcast. Mpumi talks about the importance of social listening and how the crisis communication toolkit can be used for good news stories as well. Watch here.


  • Changing the African Narrative: Webinar  dedicated to reshaping perceptions and fostering positive change in Africa's representation. Watch here.

  • Claiming Africa's Creative Identity: Exploring the role of PR in positioning Africa within the global creative economy and the significance of narrative transformation. Read here.

  • Real-Life Transition: Bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry practice, with a focus on reshaping the African narrative through PR.