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Wickes: Women Are DIY’ing It For Themselves!


The idea of DIY can conjure up dusty, old, functional images of men with power tools with associations to Wickes at the receiving end, perceived as a more functional and less inspirational brand. Wickes’ 50th anniversary gave us an opportunity to drive the conversation of an evolving DIY landscape, becoming more stylish and inspirational, while also shining a spotlight on the Wickes brand messaging pillars – particularly that of an inclusive employer and retailer and a modern home improvement retailer.



Friday, August 19, 2022

Agency: Clarion Communications

The Challenge

The challenge was to demonstrate the jump into today’s very modern, inspirational positioning of home improvement, with its large female following. whilst also ensuring Wickes, its products, and its keys messaging are the heart of the story, including its 50th anniversary.

The Solution

The strategy was to reimagine the historic imagery of the 1972 edition of Do It Yourself Magazine with a contemporary 2022 twist. Replacing the male protagonist with an image of a woman, as well as updating the look and feel of the décor, attire and even technique being applied. Wickes newly signed brand ambassador, TV presenter and singer turned DIY enthusiast, Kimberley Walsh, was the perfect representation of the female home improver in 2022 to fill this role.

Alongside the visuals we set out to prove the hypothesis that women’s role in DIY has evolved over the past 50 years, with now both men and women undertaking the home improvement jobs and celebrate women’s contribution to DIY today.

 We commissioned research of 1,500 women, with the key results including:

  • Almost half of women (47%) say they no longer need men for DIY around the home
  • Almost three in five (59%) said they take on more DIY tasks in the home than older female relatives would have in the past 50 years.

To further supplement the content and research, we partnered with Design Historian and lecturer, Deborah Sugg Ryan to develop the story by providing historical context

The insights, research and imagery were packaged together and issued to media supported by a broadcast day with Deborah Sugg Ryan.

The Results

  • 36 pieces of coverage including 7 x nationals and 22 broadcast hits, with a reach of 18,668,116.
  • 1000+ engagements on Kimberley’s Instagram post
  • Wickes saw a 43% growth in customer volume of female customers when compared to 2019 data (prior to campaign)