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Quality Promise

PRCA Training

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PRCA Training Quality Promise

As the largest PR association in Europe, we've made it an aim to offer quality, flexible and practical training courses to budding and seasoned PR professionals. To ensure that we provide training of a high standard, we developed a three point promise that guarantees excellence.

We promise that:

1. Trainers will be marked out of ten on categories by attendees including: trainer knowledge, the content of the course, relevance of the case studies, and the overall experience of attending a session

2. PRCA trainers with scores below 8/10 twice in a year will have their PRCA approved status reviewed.

3. An attendee will receive a free webinar course if they are not satisfied with the learning outcomes of the training. This will be based on the course not meeting the description on the PRCA website and training brochure.

These promises allow us to mark our trainers against a wide ranging criteria, guarantee quality courses expected from our attendees as well as proactively seek new innovative ways to evaluate course content.