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NextGen Scotland

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NextGen is a national group providing information, support and advice to practising PR professionals from the Graduate level up to Senior Account Manager (or equivalent). 

NextGen is dedicated to supporting those just starting out or who have been practising for years, whilst equipping its members with the tools they need to progress in their careers.

The aims of PRCA NextGen are to:

·         Provide inspirational figures to learn from and ignite ambition

·         Highlight what constitutes great PR and communications and share best practice

·         Break down competitive barriers within the industry

·         Promote the importance of PR and communications as a profession

·         Emphasise collaboration within the industry, bringing practitioners together.     

Lucy’s bio:

After graduating from a Masters in International Journalism, Media and Communications from Glasgow University in 2020, Lucy moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh to start her PR career. She is currently a Senior Associate at SPEY, working on all things whisky.

Precious’s bio:

Currently a full-time MBA student at the University of Edinburgh Business School, Precious taking a sabbatical from her role at Blackhouse Media, a PR and digital communications agency headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with offices in London and Edinburgh. She oversaw the reputation management of Nigeria’s largest telecommunications company.

Meet the PRCA NextGen Scotland team: 

Get to know your PRCA NextGen Committee, Co-Chairs

●Tell us a little about your current role and career to date 

I am currently a full-time MBA candidate at The University of Edinburgh Business School. Prior to that, I was a Lead Consultant at Blackhouse Media, a Public Relations and digital communications agency, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with an office in London, United Kingdom. I led a portfolio team overseeing reputation management for Nigeria’s largest telecommunications company.

●Is there any aspect of your job you particularly enjoy? 

It would be the strategy development process. I enjoy the research that leads to developing a strategy; picking up insights, understanding consumer behaviour, and finally identifying the gap where your product fits and crafting the right message for the audience.

●And any aspect you don't enjoy? 

It has to be the multiple stakeholder engagement required per project; clients, media, creatives, influencers, sometimes lawyers, procurement and finance professionals. The scope can go on and on depending on the nature of the project. If it's a capital market project, then you have to consider investors and the regulatory requirements around investor communications.

●What career advice would you give to your younger self? 

The seemingly never-ending cycle of meetings, unread emails, developing strategy docs, content creation, etc. shouldn’t despair you, it means you are on to something, and it all adds up, eventually. 

●Why did you decide to join the PRCA Scotland/NextGen Committee?

I think there’s an opportunity for Scotland to play a significant role in the UK Comms sector. If I’m going to be honest, I joined the committee primarily to learn. I wanted to have a better understanding of the Scottish consumer and what drives them, I wanted to understand the regulatory landscape and how companies interact with their regulators. In the process, I’ll love to use my experience to make a positive impact, alongside other members of the Committee.

●If you didn’t work in PR, what would be your dream job?

I’d be working in a broadcast studio somewhere, creating beautiful pictures as a producer or director and sharing them with the rest of the world. 

I could have also been a fabric designer because there’s a thrill that comes from seeing how various prints, patterns, and textures come together to create a colourful world.

Spotlight on PRCA DARE Awards Scotland winning Rising Star

Look out for an exciting new series of networking opportunities, events and inspirational speakers coming soon to NextGen Scotland.

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